Estd. Date: 2001 AD
Location: Kathmandu
Affiliation: HSEB
Phone No.: 4464775 / 4464282
Email ID:


Madan Bhandari Memorial College, a non-profit academic institution, was established in 2001 by Madan Bhandari Foundation to materialize the academic vision of the people’s leader late Madan Kumar Bhandari. As a non-political and purely academic institution, the college imparts quality education at comparatively affordable cost to the students who have come from all strata of the society, and aims to transform itself into a respectable university. The enrollment of students from almost all the districts of the country makes it a truly national college.

The rise in the number of educational institutions at various levels and the enrollments in them indicate massive expansion of education in quantitive terms. We felt that opening of new colleges only will not provide opportunities for a wide diversity of students and a range of facilities to help them develop their potentials. Keeping such scenario in mind, The Madan Bhandari Foundation, a non-profitable trust-based social organization, established Madan Bhandari Memorial (MBM) College in 2001 in
Kathmandu. The college believes strongly in encouraging and helping students to learn independently, gaining knowledge, skills and confidence and provides a firm foundation to build their careers.
We offer the undergraduate and graduate degrees in different disciplines to the students of different backgrounds. The college is run by the dedicated team of educationists, academicians, social workers and others. The college, being more than classes and study, encourages all its students to participate in the many cultural, educational and sporting pursuits available to them. The Foundation envisages developing the college into a centre of excellence. Students from different parts of the country have realized that, equipped with the higher learning in MBM College, they can compete with the best talents at home and abroad in diverse fields. MBM College’s goal is to do everything it can to address the cost of education. It is in this spirit that we continue to provide extensive financial assistance to eligible students. In fact, our students receive some type of assistance in the form of scholarships, grants or other types of financial aid.
The college is ideally located in a peaceful environment and has enough space despite being surrounded by residential area. We have separate buildings for diverse purposes so that our students may not suffer from a feeling of congestion.


• Affordable tuition fee.
• The highest quality in teaching at +2 and graduate levels.
• Strong focus on practical skills.
• Personal attention and mentoring.
• A unique peaceful environment
• Excellent campus facilities in magnificent surroundings.
• Emphasis is given on students’ mental, physical, moral and emotional development.
• The facilities available in the college are second to none.
• Excellent library, laboratory and computing facilities.
• Regular workshop and seminar on relevant issues.
• The secure and nurturing environment for developing both personal and practical skills.
• Provides need-based financial assistance to deserving students.
• A well-stocked library includes books on literature, linguistics, management, science and technology and keeps growing in volumes, adding the latest publications.


A. +2 Level
1. Management
Computer Science, Accountancy, Economics, Business Studies and Business Mathematics.
2. Science
Chemistry, Physics, Biology and Mathematics
3. Humanities
Mass Communication, Sociology, Population Studies, Economics, Rural Economics, Mathematics, English and Nepali.
4. Education
Population Studies, Introduction to Education and Pedagogy, Introduction to Educational Psychology, Practicum, Primary Education, Economics, English and Nepali.
B. Bachelor Level
1. Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences (FOHS)
B.A.: Mass Communication and Journalism, English, Economics, Sociology and Population Studies.
2. Faculty of Management (FOM)
BBS: Accountancy, Finance and Marketing
3. Faculty of Education (FOE)
B.Ed.: English, Curriculum and Evaluation, Educational Supervision, Educational Administration, Foundation of Education, Educational Psychology and population education.
C. Master Level (Affiliated to T.U.)
M.A.: Sociology and Anthropology, English, Journalism & Mass Communication


MBM College honors the outstanding performance of the students and awards them with the coveted MadanBhandari Gold Medaland a number of other scholarships to encourage them to excel in their academic pursuit.
Chairperson Scholarship
Campus Chief Scholarship
Late Kishan Lama Scholarship
Ms. DhanKumariScholarship
LoktantrikJana AndolanScholarship
Full scholarshiptoSLC-top-ten students with attractive incentives
Full scholarship in class XI to 90% or above scorers in SLC
Full scholarship in class XI to district-toppers with 85% or above in SLC
Three-month freeship to the terminal examination toppers
Two-month freeship to the second-topper in the terminal examinations
Three-month freeship to MBM College entrance examination topper

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