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Location: Kathmandu
Affiliation: HSEB
Phone No.: 014468701, 014480715
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Guinness is the right platform to help unleash the clandestine talents and creativity of the people across the globe by providing different opportunities. Keeping this fact into account, Guinness International College was established to educate outstanding students from across the nation to enable them to attain their desired goals. Moreover, Guinness attempts to explore the hidden talents of students who are deprived of educational opportunities.

The word ‘International’ per se, is a word of wide scope. In the present era of globalization, the quality teaching learning has to be of international standard. Having studied scope of the market at home and abroad, we aim at building students’ capacity to vie globally. The college offers special emphasis at maintaining high quality education to arm the students to excel in this age of cut-throat competition.

As the Guinness World Records provides opportunity for the innovative and remarkable events of human activities beyond our imagination without any discrimination, the Guinness International College was set up with the genuine objective of providing equal opportunity to the students regardless of their diverse economic and cultural background to develop their personal and intellectual growth.

With the unwavering commitment of the experienced, motivated and dedicated team of teachers, we assure to provide the quality education to the students to out compete their peers in market of fiercely competitive world.

Affiliated with Higher Secondary Education Board, Nepal Government, the college offers the prescribed array of subject combinations in Science, Management and Humanities in ten plus two.

Apart from regular classes, Guinness provides counseling on future career prospects of the students. The college offers career guidance and reliable counseling to the students who are in dilemma to take up the future course as per their interest and economic conditions.


1. Impart practical and skill-oriented education based on students’ interest and aptitude.
2. Provide the education that enables tender minds to be successful in national and international competitions.
buildingInstruct the students using latest scientific technologies and methodologies.
3. Encourage students to identify their hidden talents and become competent and worthy citizens.
4. Prepare students to be self-sufficient enhancing knowledge, capacity, confidence and leadership skill in students.
5. Assist students to participate in extra-curricular activities to build their holistic personality.


+2 program in science, management and humanities


1. District toppers & school toppers with 85% from Boarding School and & 75% Government schools in SLC examination -100 quota- 100% in tuition fee and 100% in admission
2. SLC Exam Board Topper, (Boys)- 1 quota- 100% scholarship with hostel facility
3. SLC Exam Board Topper, (Girls) -1 quota- 100% scholarship with hostel facility
4. Students with an aggregate score of 90% or above in SLC examination -10 quota- 100% Scholarship in admission and tuition fee
5. Students with aggregate of 88% or above in SLC exam -20 quota – 75% in tuition fee and 50% in admission
5. Best performance in Guinness entrance examination (Applicable to the students who appear in the first entrance examination) -3 quota – 100%, 75%, 50% (for three toppers) in admission & 50% in tuition fee
6. Students with aggregate score of 85% or above in SLC examination -10 quota -50% in admission fee & 25% in tuition fee
7. Students with aggregate score of 80% or above in SLC examination 20 quota- 25% in admission fee
8. Underprivileged students with aggregate score of 75% or above in SLC examination (These applicants should satisfy the scholarshipcommittee with all necessary official recommendation) 5 quota – 50% in admission fee
6. Differently able students with aggregate Score of 75% or above in SLC examination -2 quota- 50% in admission fee
7. National level players in sports and participants in extra/ co-curricular activities – 5quota- 50% in admission fee

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