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Location: Kathmandu
Affiliation: HSEB
Phone No.: 01-4108905
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BNS is a school of education excellence where high standards of learning are set and where achievements and strengths of the learners are celebrated, where students are well equipped to meet the challenges in life and where an individual student’s potential is maximized to help them pursue their dream.

BNS strives to offer a well balanced education that encourages high expectations for success among the learners by offering creative , safe and supportive environment. This is the school where individual’s potentials are nurtured and celebrated to the optimum and where all round development of a student is highly ensured to enable them to become successful in life in local and global context.


Experiencing and understanding diversity enriches life and learning.
Continuous learning is essential to growth and well-being.
Each individual has value and positive contributions to make.
Working together benefits the individual and the community.
Working together towards a common goal creates limitless possibilities
A nurturing environment encourages people to realize and express their full potential.
When individuals act with integrity and take responsibility for their actions, the community and the environment thrive.


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